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    Dear visitors, It is an honor and a pleasure to welcome you and to present you with an offer that will win you over at first glance!

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    Our family farm is engaged in viticulture and wine-making.

    Four hectares of our vineyards are settled in the quiet rural idyll on the southern slopes of Bilogora, just ten kilometers north of the town of Bjelovar. We cultivate six white and one red grapevine sort.

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    Our family has been involved in winemaking and vineyards for years. The knowledge and the skills were passed from generation to generation and they are still used today.

    First surface significant plantation was started in 2005. Since then there have been more than four hectares of vineyards planted on two locations. The modern way of planting and breeding allowed us to make maximal use of scarce benefits of this area. With smaller yield per vine- stock we have achieved significant quality in grapes, which is a basic requirement for quality and recognizable wines we produce. We provide only the best for our consumers!

    Our production is in line with an integrated and sustainable agricultural production development and includes a balanced application of agrotechnical measures in order to produce environmentally and economically friendly products with minimal use of agrochemicals. Our vineyards are located on the southern slopes of Bilogora in the villages of Skucani and Lipovo Brdo, in Kapela municipality. The prevailing southern terrain, altitude of 170-190 m, is the ideal area for growing grapes.

    In Stari Skucani, where it all started with an old family house called "klijet", we planted over one hectare of grapevines, mostly “Grashevina” (Welsh Riesling), the "queen" of our vineyards. We have also planted Rhine Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Green Silvaner and Pinot Noir. The second vineyard location, three hectares in size, is situated in Lipovo Brdo, on the graceful slopes of Bilogora, surrounded by fragrant pastures, forests and fields, where we cultivate “Grashevina” (Welsh Riesling), and also the inevitable Yellow Muscat and “Rizvanac” (Müller Thurgau).

  • Our offer

    From November 2012 we will be able to offer you a range of wines from our wine cellar, with the possibility of wine tasting in delightful surroundings. We are currently at the stage of completing the wine cellar and the wine tasting area, and with particular pleasure we will be prepared to accommodate you and provide you with an experience that makes us happy every day ...

    Therefore, regularly follow us and you will be informed about all important events...

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